Testimonial by Mohit

Mohit Batra on 4/19/2011 1:07:39 PM wrote the following testimonial :

“ Nehil aka Nelly as I call him is one of my best friends on campus. He is ever ready to try new things. Inspired by his 5.1 speaker system, I also got a 2.1 this semester. Well he is a workaholic; he can’t sit idle even for a second. He just wants work and more work and some more work. He has been a integral member od DoCW and worked hard for 2 consecutive Waves. He started a workshop for Ddun ppl in Winter breaks and worked his ass off last sem on this project. The SAC webpage though not uploaded on BITS net, u made was amazing. He never gets tensed and just chills out by watching TV series when freaked. 🙂 🙂
I still remember the dance in corridor, mimicking Baba outside his room, finding translations of different words on Gtak bot in Aryan’s room, the Frisbee which broke my specs 2 days back and what not. Ur best bday was in the 2nd year when everyone in your room showed the talents they have. 😛 😛
He is a great Table Tennis and Badminton player and he is always ready to try any sport. Dude Hats off to you for the dedication and hardwork u did for GSoC (or GSock as we call it 😉 ). You have been a pillar of strength to me and stood by me every time.
He never sets the line between fun and work. He makes his work fun and that is his best part. 🙂 🙂
I know you’ll achieve everything you want as you work way too hard. All the best. Will miss you in 4-1 but will be back with a bang in 2nd sem. 🙂
PS: Forgot to mention about you B’day this sem. 😉 😉 . You know what I’m talking about. 😛 😛 ”

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