Testimonial by Anurag

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Anurag Singh on 4/17/2011 2:40:20 PM wrote the following testimonial : 

“ Sitting in the train from Delhi to Goa for the first time, all excited to start my BITSian life, I found myself in the same compartment as this ultra-sporty Dehradun guy with big hands. 😛
Nehil is the first BITSGian I met. Little had I thought that time, that 3 years down the line we would be this great friends. I still remember the first time we both were ragged together at nescafe and your awesome “I Want, What I Want, When I Want It” shirt. 😀
It is always a treat to have a person like Nehil in your group. He is always cheerful and makes sure that everyone around him is having fun. He is totally crazy about sports and is great at all of them, be it Tennis, TT or Badminton. He is a perfectionist and whatever he does has to be the best. Even for playing Age of Empires, he spends time learning strategies from others and searching the net and god knows what not. He has a great taste for music, and whatever he plays in his massive 5.1 ends up in my playlist the very next day. There isn’t a moment you will not find this guy excited and energetic. And with his heating pan, his room is the closest restaurant we can go to.
Apart from all this, the poor guy was really unfortunate to miss his CS dual by a fraction of a CG. He has a knack for computing stuff and he is definitely more a Computer Engineer than I could ever be. From building his own website to starting his own Web Development course in Dehradun to a project in GSOC, he is there in everything.
It was a joy, having you as a neighbour and see you smiling in your room whenever I open my door. Wish you all the success in your life.

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