Why Twitter is everywhere?

Off late, I observed that everyone on the internet is obsessed with Twitter. There are tweets and now “Retweets” as well, come on! man you gotta be kiddin. Why is there such a big hype of twitter? All the blogs, shopping carts, downloads etc everything that I possibly can think of has a twitter symbol  associated with it. Well I sat down and thought why not find out the reality. It infact is great.

Twitter already has an impressive track record. For example, it helped President Barack Obama with his presidential campaign, got a student out of an Egyptian jail, documented plane crashes in real time, and made Dell a million dollars.

So really, what’s the big deal about Twitter?

It just a social media site used to socialize with friends. It is simple to use, kind of a microblog, just 140 words. Your tweet can rapidly reach millions of users. Twitter has a lot of accounts for famous peoples, artists, singers and founders like Bill GatesBarack ObamaBritney Spears and Oprah Winfrey. All that means is that the famous know they can build more consumers (or voters) from Twitter. These accounts also build more reputation for Twitter, which increases the demand – for Twitter.

I Feel these are the four major reasons:-

1. Real-time Content

Earlier google was used to search for the news and latest information. Google used to index pages published by news publishers which took  hours But there’s no need to wait, and short of actually being there to experience the events, it’s the next best thing. Twitter has been a great tool for people to broadcast news live from their laptops and mobile phones (e.g. plane crash rescue in the Hudson River).

2. Trustworthy Information

Google gives you a page of links compiled by their quality algorithm. Mostly they are what you need but they are impersonal. But from twitter, you can get news feed from the group of people you trust and you would love to hear from, because they are personal and u trust them.

3. Precise Information

With millions of new web pages springing up every day on the Internet, who has the time or attention span to read through it all?What Twitter provides in 140 characters or less is filtered. Twitter is great for searching for quick information and even if you’re looking for long articles, there are plenty of people who post links to relevant pages they like.

4. Brilliant Social Network

For example, rather than doing a search in Google for “best restaurants in new york” and getting a bunch of review sites, you can do a search on Twitter to see which restaurants people are talking about in New York. If you don’t like the results, you can easily ask your network and get personalized answers in real time – which will then show up in future searches on the same topic. It helps people in developing their personal as well as professional profile.


Encounter with the Monkeys-2

The second- It was me walking to submit an application to our instructor, who was living in the Guest House of THDC. I intended to use the stairs , an integral part of my  path.  I didn’t notice that there was a mother monkey sitting on the raised platform at the entrance of those stairs. As I was approaching  the stairs , in the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by  monkeys I couldn’t even count.  The mother had produced some strange kind of a sound which had created the whole scene. Just like a bollywood movie scene where the hero is encircled by a group of villans(the bad guys), the monkeys surrounded me and were slowly coming toward me from all directions. They were angry and made faces to scare me out. They did arrgghhh with all there teeth on display.Although the discription is comic, I was really frightened and my mind had literally stopped responding. Suddenly a ferocious monkey came running from the ceiling of the house and pounced on me from the back, scratching my head. I shouted , reflex action in this case. An uncle came out of his house and threw a few stones at them  but they still didn’t leave me. At last I took up a big stone and scared the hell out of them, which made them run away. I took another path, a really longer one to reach my destination. That day I understood how it feels when you are attacked by and animal and how it feels when your life is in real danger…!!  Lesson Learnt:- “Never  go closer to a mother monkey when she is with her small baby monkey, because she feels insecure towards her child  and reacts for its protection..!!”

Encounter with Monkeys- I

I told you earlier that I have been living in Bhagirathi Puram, 11 km from Tehri, down the hill. Here, I am sharing my living space with monkeys. This area is dominated by monkeys; I mean they are the ones in majority here. I wake up and find that when I am having my breakfast, a monkey is peeping from outside the window pane, and tries to embark its presence. Constantly under the vigilance of a group of monkeys, my cook makes breakfast and dinner for us. Everyone in this area fears to roam around freely with any kind of food article in hand because they know they are going to be attacked by monkeys sometime or the other.  Such is the situation. Let me tell you about  major encounters I have had with these creatures whom we have evolved from.

The first one wasn’t so interesting. It was me and Himanshu, my internship mate , living with me. We were coming home, in BhagirathiPuram(Tehri), from the market. We had gone to buy ration for the our stay of 56 days. Himanshu had a polybag of 3 kg daal and I had some vegetables. We were new to the place. We were casually coming back, all the things in our hands exposed!! Talking to each other and had no fear of anything at all; a very normal scenario, but………. When we were almost at the doorsteps of our house. I saw a healthy, big and angry group of monkeys running towards us with a look; I am gonna eat  bastard!  We ran with all the energy left, after climbing 1 km from the market.  Phew…!! It was close but we reached inside safely without any loss of property and life 😛 . Then we realized it was an attack on the food that we were carrying. Lesson learnt: “ Always hide any kind of food item which you are carrying and don’t look at the monkeys into the eye with suspicion!!”………………………….. to be continued in the next blog.

Flex vs Flash

What is Flex?

Flex is the way to make rich Internet applications (RIAs). It’s a framework for creating RIAs based on Flash Player. Flex is also a new language, its core being, MXML. MXML- markup language based on XML.

Difference between Flex and Flash?

Flex is flash itself.

Flex applications, just like other Flash content, are deployed as .swf files (usually pronounced “swiff”). SWF files are very compact files that Flash Player reads and renders onscreen, often in a browser. This means you can create full-fledged applications that are small enough to download very quickly and that will (with few exceptions) look and act the same on any computer or operating system. I  feel that Flash requires artistic skills where as flex need some programming skills too.

Flash Platform…

It’s the development platform based on Flash Player. Flash Player is a small plugin in your web Browser that runs .swf files. This is the main reason behind today’s rich internet experience and flashy desktop applications running on Adobe AIR. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is the solution for bringing Flash and other web-based content to the desktop.