Testimonial by Siddhant


Siddhant Dube on 4/20/2011 10:53:15 AM wrote the following testimonial :

“ The only thing that gets Nehils pulse racing is the smell of PHP in the morning. This quiet guy with a penchant for putting up all his PS photos on Facebook has coded it all. He is going to be the first guy who spent his Maths and EEE cdcs going through CS cdcs. Never have I seen someone grasp a Mailer Class function as fast as he can. Never have I also seen someone fall asleep as fast as he can either. His perennial smile and constant glow make you feel that nothing is impossible. His amazing dedication to the tasks he undertakes leaves me green with envy. Where others tend to sleep off this fellow works through the night and way into the morning ending up with an amazing product every time.
However he just doesn’t stop there. The mere mention of Badminton, Table Tennis and Frisbee send this guy rocketing away with a twinkle in his eye. I end with this warning for all those who shall befriend this fellow in the future. Please smack him with something hard the next time he brings a Macbook Air with him for a project.
Cheers Nehil and I’m looking forward to another year with you.

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