Same as Apple to Pixar!

This is my new blog and what happened to the old one was unfortunate and depressing..One fine day Hardik, the one whom i share my hosting with, told me that your site is apparently down. It was showing a error message that Database could not be found. When i investigated the becoz, i was shocked to see that the database has vanished into thin air!.. Reasons are still unknown. I felt as if i had gone bankrupt. All the effort and time I had spend on my previous version was lost. All the content was gone, as if i had never written anything.I just couldn’t help myself as the backup was never created. “So stupid of me!”, I thought.

But then the inspirational story of steve jobs being fired from apple came to my mind. “I still loved what i do” This is what Steve jobs thought after he was fired from the company [APPLE] which he himself build and  took it so high. This feeling of his made him start Next and Pixar. I Guess you know about PIXAR which is one of the best Animation Sudios in the world.  Same is the case, I love what I do.

A lesson was learnt, that you should have backups and organised backups..I had linked my blog with my google reader so, the blog posts automatically got posted in my google buzz stream. I have tried to find and get back  as many posts as i could. I was missing my blog a lot, so here i am back with my blog in a different design and structure. Lets see how it unfolds.

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