Agile and Test Driven Development!*

Today I learnt in detail about Agile and the whole product development cycle in this methodology. I watched all the videos at AgileInNutshell. That lead me to read and understand Test Driven Development methodology.

The whole process is very simple to get to grips with, and it shouldn’t take too long before you wonder how you were able to get anything done before! There are huge gains to be made from TDD – namely, the quality of your code improving, but also clarity and focus on what it is that you are trying to achieve, and the way in which you will achieve it. TDD also works seamlessly with agile development, and can best be utilized when pair-programming, as you will see later on.

– Beginning Test-Driven Development in Python

I am really excited to inculcate these ideologies in my workflow and style of programming. This will definitely make me a better programmer, but might reduce my productivity. I am learning R and RubyOnRails. In both I will try to implement all the code that I write using TDD. There are lots of good resources out there. I have not yet settled on one that I will follow, but the starting book for ROR is RailsTutorial, which I preached TDD itself, so that is good for me.


Some Coffee is what i want….

I am a Coffee lover.”Din raat Nescafe frappe peena meri hobby ban gayi hai!” Give me nothing but coffee to drink and I will happily survive!! Coffee is a glorious thing. I love hanging out at CCD- Café Coffee Day. You can learn to customize your drink to your taste. Amazing isn’t it? Let us share some info.

Hot Coffee Beverages

  1. Regular Coffee – There are often a variety of roasts available at coffeeshops, so ask the barista (the person making your coffee) what today’s roasts are. Dark roasts tend to be full-bodied and bold, however they do not necessarily have more caffeine. Light roasts are milder and are sometimes referred to as “breakfast blends.”
  2. Latte – Simply put, espresso with steamed milk and a small amount of foam. When ordering a latte, ask how many shots of espresso are in the size drink you want. You may need to order an extra shot if you enjoy a stronger espresso flavor.
  3. Cappuccino – This drink consists of espresso, part steamed milk, and part foam. A “wet” cappuccino contains more steamed milk for a creamier drink. A “dry” cappuccino contains more foam, which creates a more intense espresso flavor.
  4. Americano – This means espresso cut with hot water. The ratio of espresso to water varies greatly from coffeeshop to coffeeshop, so be sure to ask how much espresso is put into an establishment’s americano.
  5. Mocha – A typical mocha contains chocolate sauce. espresso, and steamed milk topped with a little foam. If a coffeeshop offers a caramel mocha or a white mocha, caramel sauce or white chocolate replaces the chocolate sauce.
  6. Macchiato – Either a single or double shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of milk foam.

 Cold Coffee Types

  1. Iced Coffee – Always ask how a coffeeshop makes their iced coffees. Some places simply put hot coffee over ice. Others will brew a pot of coffee and refrigerate it. Still others may use a cold brew method. Some places include milk or cream in their iced coffees, so if you are lactose intolerant, be sure to specify to make your drink with either a soy substitute or water.
  2. Frozen Cappuccinos or Frappes – Either espresso or coffee blended with milk and flavored syrups. If you are watching your sugar intake, beware of coffee granita machines. If a coffeeshop makes their frappes to order, see if they have sugar free options available.
  3. Iced Cappuccino/ Latte/ Mocha – They should be the same as their hot counterparts except that the steamed milk is replaced by cold milk and the drink is poured over ice cubes.

Whether you already have a regular drink, or you like being an adventurous coffee consumer; it’s always a good idea to ask the barista questions when you order at a new coffeeshop. They should be more than willing to help you get the drink you want. Happy coffee ordering! I hope after reading this you will use the info in getting better coffee as a drink.

I was intrigued by Latte art, sometime in future we will discuss the same again.

Tests!! When vultures start circling…

“Shubham Atlani: Optimizing a problem in which objective function is to minimize study hrs & the constraint is to get greater than or equal to average. The best part is that ‘marks obtained’ is a restricted variable.”
Aryan  Singh: “This too shall pass but hopefully I won’t pass out before that.”

This post is all about how the environment or you can say the bits eco system changes  as the examinations approach. This post is all about my observations in the past two weeks. If you are a college student you might understand what exactly I am talking about, and even if you are not you may enjoy reading it because it will remind you of your good old days or the days to come!!

Pre-Tests ……………

Some things that occur and become the indicator of the fact that tests are approaching. The “LIB”. Our library is flooded with people, there are Laptops and books and students all over the place. This time, this semester, the  rush was so much that the administration opened a the 2nd floor for students to study. This is new!!.   The SAC (student activity centre) suddenly goes empty. The students start dropping out of class and study in their rooms.

The various eating joints except our mess are always busy. The demand of coffee rises as if coffee was some mantra that could get you marks for free. “Akhein lal hai, but itna bacha hai ki coffee pee pee kae khol lenge”. The night canteen guy is happy enough not to sleep because this is the fortune Period with highest demand.

There are RADIOS that start on the lan(Local Area Network). It’s for those who love music with studies. So some guy, probably, who has nothing to do starts up a radio and caters to them. And then there is always  the option of playing Counter-Strike on lan. ‘Khud ka GG (bitsian lingo for pathetic state of affairs) huawa hai toh virtually GG(God like Gaming) karke shaanti milti hai’. ). Many new TV series are started during these period as they act as stress busters. Some of the common being – “FRIENDS”, “HOW I MET YOUR BROTHER’, ‘BIG BANG THEORY’,’LOST’ etc.Motivational thoughts and Success quotes start flowing into the rooms. The one that stands out is the time table in the many stick-ons.

Tests Going on…………………!! 😦 😥 😀
During the tests the scene is different. Gtalk status messages tell you a lot about the state of mind of a average Bitsian.

Pranav: “4-vector of T1 –> (GG ,GG ,GG ,icGG) 😦  “
Kabir : “Mane ya na mane”, (mane is the name of one of his professors
Chirag: T1 = Torture 1 T2 = Torture 2 COMPRE ® = Complete Oppression of Mental Peace & Residual Euphoria ™
Aryan Singh: “EDICK is the pain in the ass”……..ROF
Anurag Singh: Not @ Desk || Day 2 — 2/7 KAT GAYA!!! || Biju _/\_ || OBviously the TOC[theory of Computation](talk) of the day is “Hamne CS kyun li!!”
Anurag singh: Day 3 — 6/7….. || A Little Peace in times of Turmoil!!
DHRUV: song for microelectronix: mann bechara bin samjha ke “mane” na….main pagla gya hun…samajhne se bhi samjhe na….
Shreyas: the bits paper setting system;if it is easy it has to be lengthy else it has to has to be too tough.

As soon as the test gets over, the discussion start, “Yaar average kya hogi?”, “Yaar mera to !@#$ ho gaya, teacher !@#$% hai, book kae peeche kae questions directly de diye?”, “Tune toh phod Diya hoga!!”The DC(a  common software on lan) experiences deluge with these discussions.

The famous lines are

  2. ”Bahut padh raha hai yaar”
  3. ”Li8 le, Test 2 and compre hai na”
  4. “Kitna Ho Gaya

Now I don’t understand the fact that isn’t it me myself who wrote the test and would know ki how well I have done. Every other person exclaims the above line again and again. There are times when one of the guys is watching a movie and from outside the door comes a taunt, “Bahut Padh raha hai yaar”.Kitna ho gaya is the lamest question I have ever heard of. How does ‘mera kitna hua, affect you’.

At the end , i would like to thank my friends who help me in writing this post and letting me use there Status messages. Do leave comments if you like it or not or you would like to share your expirience with us.

No Posts…!! :(

I want to post but my college provides me awesome, internet facilities wherein i cannot upload even a 100kb jpg file. I am hardly able to open properly, because of the unreliable connection which is claimed to be 45mb/ps line. I am getting a data card soon, then i ll be back in business. My next posts will be related to COFFEE, JQUERY, CLOUD COMPUTING!! 🙂 keep visiting please.

Encounter with the Monkeys-2

The second- It was me walking to submit an application to our instructor, who was living in the Guest House of THDC. I intended to use the stairs , an integral part of my  path.  I didn’t notice that there was a mother monkey sitting on the raised platform at the entrance of those stairs. As I was approaching  the stairs , in the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by  monkeys I couldn’t even count.  The mother had produced some strange kind of a sound which had created the whole scene. Just like a bollywood movie scene where the hero is encircled by a group of villans(the bad guys), the monkeys surrounded me and were slowly coming toward me from all directions. They were angry and made faces to scare me out. They did arrgghhh with all there teeth on display.Although the discription is comic, I was really frightened and my mind had literally stopped responding. Suddenly a ferocious monkey came running from the ceiling of the house and pounced on me from the back, scratching my head. I shouted , reflex action in this case. An uncle came out of his house and threw a few stones at them  but they still didn’t leave me. At last I took up a big stone and scared the hell out of them, which made them run away. I took another path, a really longer one to reach my destination. That day I understood how it feels when you are attacked by and animal and how it feels when your life is in real danger…!!  Lesson Learnt:- “Never  go closer to a mother monkey when she is with her small baby monkey, because she feels insecure towards her child  and reacts for its protection..!!”

Encounter with Monkeys- I

I told you earlier that I have been living in Bhagirathi Puram, 11 km from Tehri, down the hill. Here, I am sharing my living space with monkeys. This area is dominated by monkeys; I mean they are the ones in majority here. I wake up and find that when I am having my breakfast, a monkey is peeping from outside the window pane, and tries to embark its presence. Constantly under the vigilance of a group of monkeys, my cook makes breakfast and dinner for us. Everyone in this area fears to roam around freely with any kind of food article in hand because they know they are going to be attacked by monkeys sometime or the other.  Such is the situation. Let me tell you about  major encounters I have had with these creatures whom we have evolved from.

The first one wasn’t so interesting. It was me and Himanshu, my internship mate , living with me. We were coming home, in BhagirathiPuram(Tehri), from the market. We had gone to buy ration for the our stay of 56 days. Himanshu had a polybag of 3 kg daal and I had some vegetables. We were new to the place. We were casually coming back, all the things in our hands exposed!! Talking to each other and had no fear of anything at all; a very normal scenario, but………. When we were almost at the doorsteps of our house. I saw a healthy, big and angry group of monkeys running towards us with a look; I am gonna eat  bastard!  We ran with all the energy left, after climbing 1 km from the market.  Phew…!! It was close but we reached inside safely without any loss of property and life 😛 . Then we realized it was an attack on the food that we were carrying. Lesson learnt: “ Always hide any kind of food item which you are carrying and don’t look at the monkeys into the eye with suspicion!!”………………………….. to be continued in the next blog.

Surkunda Devi-Dhanaulti Trip !!

Surkunda Devi

It was an awesome morning and i was all set to go on a trip to Surkunda Devi and Dhanaulti with my parents and my Bholu ChaCha. Bholu Chacha is one of the funny, dynamic and cheerful person I love to hang out with. This plan was planned by me, as it would have been another useless and boring weekend otherwise. The plan turned out to be quite fruitful, and rather I must I never expected so much of fun….!! It took is around 2 hrs to reach Dhanaulti from Dehradun. We unexpectedly found the place loaded with visitors, so Dad decided to book the rooms in advanced, as we we were to go to SurkunDa Devi prior to Dhanaulti. So we booked one for a very reasonable tariff rates.

We headed for Surkunda Devi knowing that Chacha would we waiting for us there as he would have reached before us from Srinagar (uttrakhand). It was a 15 mins drive from Dhanaulti to Surkunda devi. The landscape was beautiful. We inquired and came to know that the Trek was about 1.7 kms.

There’s the Destination- Mandir!!

We started the journey up the hill and we created some memories. As soon as someone in our group said that they were tired we could find a old couple going on and on with full enthusiasm with gave us a boost too. In the way, u had an option to go on foot or could take a horse ride! But all of s decided not to get on horse coz that would simply kill the feel of it! The bad part of the track was tat there was horse shit lying all along which was quite annoying. I tried some risky shortcuts, even though my dad was not in favor me doing such “stupid acts”. We reached the top of the mountain and found a small , very old architecture with ‘ chunnis’ tied and ‘dhoop battis’ fuming all over. We visited all the small mandirs- Surkunda devi, Humanji, Bharav Nath ji etc. Some pics from the top…..

The Landscape

The Mountains around

It hardly took us some time to descend. We had some refreshments and drove back.


Dhanaulti was like HEAVEN. I was lucky tat we went to Dhanaulti on a day when the clouds had descended right into the heart of the mountains. We rested and went to the ‘ECO PARK DHARA’ . there were two of such kind; DHARA and AMBAR. It had been cleverly made.

The view from Hotel window!!!

Eco Park- Dhara……….!!

It was all covered with fog, Cold breeze was flowing. We had ordered magi and mixed ‘pakoras’ which were to be delivered to the top. We all found a wonderful place to sit and suddenly, I don’t know from where, but out of nowhere, each one of us wanted his ir her Photograph clicked in such variety of poses which I didn’t imagine. My dad suddenly turned into a ‘AAmir Khan of FANAA’, mom into the old movie heroin, sis into a model and me myself could be pictured as a dude!!!

Dad ka NAYA roop !! :P
Dad ka NAYA roop !! 😛

Waah kya baat hai
Waah kya baat hai

Heroin lag rahi hai
Heroin lag rahi ha

We had a lot of fun. The place was so full of life but yet so peaceful. An idea struck into my mind, “How about going into the ‘Alpha level’!! I mean why not meditate?” I tried and it worked out quite well. The reason was the ambience and the simple fact that my mind was free of all thoughts at that moment. I loved it. I was refreshed and my ready to some more fun. We had the magi which was not as good but the hot pakoras tasted superb!

While descending something caught my attention, it was a beautiful which said

“WE do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

WE borrow it from our Children “.

We went back and found that there was shortage of water and no electricity in the hotel . We some how managed. Dad had planned to have a beer with chachu, I dono wat made me do so but I asked him ,” I also want to Taste some, can I come?” . To my surprise he agreed and we went to the GMVN guest house. They had only one brand ‘Havards 5000’. I had a mug of beer and peanut chaat! Some boiled eggs were like icing on the treat. It was another unique experience, as I was having my first bear that too with my dad……………….!!While we were enjoying the beer, it raining outside. There was no electricity in the town and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees. All this added to the fun.

We returned to the hotel to find that the rooms were light with cfl tubes on inverter. A Hotel on INVERTER, wow, that again new. 😀 We had dinner in the hotel which was awesome. We all slept and this ended the beautiful day…………………………………….