Testimonial by Lovereen

If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Nehil or the so called jungly. Nehil is my bestest friend, my buddy, my google, my meanoooo, my motivator, my nahul and I don’t know what all. I remember the first time I ever talked to him was at fiitjee’s test series during school days, he seemed to be a total douche and a nerd. The next time I talked to him was on phone back in the first year of college. And then the story began, me bugging him for endless hours. I promise I am never ever ever going to leave your side. So like it or not, you are screwed and chained to me for the rest of your life. 😉

Nehil is a person of perseverance and hard work. Vivacious is probably the best word to describe his personality. He is the brainiest, coolest, most rational and talented person I have ever met. I have seen Nehil work for hours and hours at end. He is a very quick devoted learner and he has mastered all the bullshit in every other thing, he is like an expert. I am from computer science department but I look up to him for all my doubts, believe me or not there has never been a single instance of silence when I ask him a question. He insults me because my questions are usually dumb but still he tells me the answers.

Nehil hats off to your patience and endurance to my constant cribbing – “mein dukhi hun”, “tu bahut bura hai”,”im a very good girl”,”mein toh shona baby hun”. Well as a matter of fact I’m very serious about the last one I’m really a “shona baby”. 😛 You understand me so well that you know exactly what to do when I say “aur bata”-change of topic. You are one creature that never gets angry or sad, I have no clue how you manage that, but keep it up. The best thing about you is even if you have exams you always, without fail pick up my call and at times bear with me for hours. I am so lucky to have you as a friend who is so selfless and brainy to the core. You are my personal search engine. Why should I google when I have a database of information a call away.

My relationship with Nehil has been mistaken by many for the clichéd boyfriend girlfriend relationship and both of us don’t give a damn, because we know exactly who we are and we don’t feel the need to explain it to others. We both are very frank with each other, if I do something wrong he tells it on my face without a teeny bit of hesitation. His way of motivation is very different, its sarcasm! My gawwd he can really be sarcastic, but by the end of the day I do realise that I’m just wasting my life doing nothing so I get all rejuvenated and then and then I doze off.. 😛 BUT wait for it next day I wake up, new day and it all works, he gives me lots to think about. Well well well not to forget all my those kind of doubts end up in Nehil’s hands and there is never that awkwardness in discussing “the topics”, and I really like it that way.

Now this person, this piece here will play TT, tennis even if he has exam the next day, even if it is raining or even if he is sick. He is just crazy about sports and so enthusiastic. And I love this spirit of yours. And yes how can I forget you and your passion for CS!! Seriously dude you can multitask – CS and my call, brushing and my call and at times sleeping and my call 😛 You know how to handle the deadlines and herculean amount of pressure and you handle it really well without whining about it.

Nehil kindles the burnt out fire in me, puts some sense in my dense dumb brain, he makes me feel happy and cared for all the time. I know it for fact that he is “THE ONLY ONE” who can make me laugh when I’m sad or angry. After he came into my life, my life has atleast become 60% li8, I’m trying for the rest 40%. 😀

Two years into knowing you and I have never met you personally but I don’t need to see you to believe in you. I’m very sure that you will become someone great and all renowned one day and don’t you dare forget me. 😛 cheers and as the rule says- no best of luck. Do well and I’m really proud of you.

“I asked God for a rose and He gave me a garden. I asked God for a drop of water and He gave me an ocean. I asked God for an angel and He gave me you! “ ….Thanks for being there 🙂

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