The Technical Stuff!!

Guys, i would like to discuss some technical stuff in this section. My interest lies in programming and web development. So, i would like to tell you about some tricks of FLEX platform. Some examples of PHP & Mysql, some of flex etc. Some interesting facts about internet, web and programming. I would also share links that could help learners to access sources of essential and very useful knowledge. Please do comment or pose questions on my blog. Through out live we keep on learning which is a mutual process. Please help me learn!!.


3 thoughts on “The Technical Stuff!!

  1. Hey buddy, great blog!

    A small point I would like to make, Flash is not the ideal web development tool. I mean .swf files can only be viewed on computers which have a flash plug-in installed. The problem is that while we might assume the availability of flash on every computer, but for a lay man it is not so. I find coding websites with AJAX, JavaScript and CSS to be much more productive as they are pretty much universal. Flash, I agree, is pretty easy to work with and a website can be created in a matter of hours, with all the visual effects, but it does not rule out the fact that it isn’t universal.

    • Thnx Shrey,
      I appreciate the fact that u read my blog and took efforts to comment! thnx again. Well, today we are looking for rich internet experience, this is is greatly achieved via the medium of RIAs. But, yes flash player is a must which is not used universal, but i would like to tell u that 98.1% people have been using Flash Player in there PCs. The technology has to grow at a rate faster than us……..!! Here’s a link

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