Showing all the major tags I have used in my blog.

This image shows all the major tags I have used in my blog.

This design I made after i came across a article about wordle.net. Its an awesome website to create such collage of words. You can do a lot of custoizarion as well. After that Hardik helped me out to enhance the  design. 🙂 Thank you Hardik!


“Awesome” Sticker

This is another piece of Text design that I have created. I followed the tutorial on http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tutorials-effects/quick-tip-create-an-awesome-wrinkled-sticker/.

PSD tuts is one of my favourite sites. Infact the whole Tutplus Network of sites is.

I learnt some new tools of photoshop, like, Smudge, Burn and dodge tools.I did omit and change a few steps but liked the final image that i created.

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MY 1st photoshop creation

This is what i created using Photoshop today. Its damn simple.

I used the tutorial http://www.biorust.com/tutorials/detail/181/en/ on this site to make this.Basically I am in a search of making a awesome Logo for my site and Boost my Creativity by doing so. For now this is the Logo of the site.

This is the First Step of what I have in mind 🙂

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