Are you an android user?

Finally up with the registration form and the sexy HTML5 based page to popularise our concept.
With the help of Swapan Purkait(Nettech

It was all done in two days. I did discuss my idea with swapan and he seemed interested. He started guiding me and i thought it would be greate if we could associate it with nettech. has become a brand with huge following, no doubt about that.

So we, me and P. Selvam, built the nice webpadge using HTML5, javascript and CSS3. He handled all the javascript part and I took reposibilty of the design and the looks. The end product is really awesome and I love it. Many of my friends have also given amazing reviews about it.

As selvam says,” It feels good to see things materialise and get them working, finally ! “.

I can’t reveal the idea now, as ‘instructed by the head office’. But for sure i can tell you that, if you ‘Are an android user!’, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money in your free time. Do register with us. All i can say is ..Visit if you haven’t already. 🙂

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