Download the Extension!

Finally, we rendered the chrome extension from the code that we had built. I was a simple job as explained in We are not uploading the extension in the chrome web store as it requires money. Our aim was to build a chrome extension. Not to make money out of it. So, finally me and Selvam did it and we are happy to see things materialise. 🙂

Download the extension at

The online version is hosted at for users of other browsers. 😛


Birth of Offline Way2Go

The idea was born in Prof. Mangesh Bedekar’s Chamber when he was telling me about the problem of transferring data on the computer screen to mobile or your laptop etc. For example, you use google map and pan your trip! You create way points and different routes etc between two places. Now you want to save it in your mobile or your laptop! how will you do it? The crude way i can think of is saving it as a image by taking the screenshot of your computer screen. 

Then we found out that in USA, this problem has been addressed. The  solution in brief is that you  take a screen shot and save it. Then through image processing the image will be saved a real time data into your device. Here is the link to what i m refering to.But we also found out that, you have barcode and QR code scanning capability in the mobile devices. So we can ecode some data and pass it to the required device.

To our dismay, people had already thought of it and made browser extensions to save a url, text or image url in a qr code and transfer it to your phone. Then we came up with this idea, which we later on named as Offline Way2Go.

It is a chrome extension and a website where you can enter places of your choice and get the directions between them as suggested by google in the form a QR code.This will be useful for those who dont have GPRS or travelling without any kind of internet connection in their phone.
Later we thought of adding a feature in the android app where they can also share the directions to others if they want. Why only a chrome extension? Because it was too easy to make one 🙂
Why an Android app? Because I only know Android programming. If the idea is excepted by users, I ll not hesistate in making Iphone app as well.

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