Guest lecture at Spectra 1.0

We were invited for a guest talk in the Inter-College IT competition Spectra 1.0. We got a overwhelming response, contrary to what we had expected :P. We got a warm welcome by Mr. Sumit, the coordinator of Spectra 1.0. He was the one who invited us there and he happened to be a lecturer.

We had lunch with Sumit. I got to know that its a 2 day event where colleges were participating. I also posed him a question, why is the venue a Commerce college for an IT fest. Its actually because the college also has BCA and MCA students.Our talk was in a nice hall which had all the arrangements we required and there we were greeted with roses 🙂 the usual way.

Jatin gave brilliant introductory talk. He had really set the stage for me. I was happy to see the crowd interacting with him. Jatin asked a question to the audience, “What is android? Lets make a definition from the pool of information you give me!” And people started shooting words..”Open Source”, “Mobile OS”, “Based on Linux kernel”, “Works on many devices”…. We both were impressed. And Jatin with full enthu completed the talk. The last punch of his was the Tom cat joke 😉 can’t be stated in public. 😛

I started with an example Man Builds Android App To Propose To Girlfriend Story.That was totally spontaneous and gave me a break through. Everyone was now listening to what i have to say. 😛 “A tool to propose your girlfriend, why not?”, “I also wana learn it!” was the attitude. After that it was a smooth ride.

We publicised our workshop,’KickStart Android’. Distributed the course details and the Brochure to Sharmila Ma’am and Sumit sir. Sumit sir was our point of contact. We explained the concept to both and they were motivated to send their students for the workshop. Sharmila ma’am gave us the token of appreciation, which were Parker pen m/ with Swiss knife.

I personally feel its a great achievement for me and a stepping stone for much more to come. Although I was a student, everyone at spectra 1.0 treated me with all the respect and gratitude they would have given to someone else.I would also like to thank Bedekar Sir to give us this opportunity and guide us to give an awesome talk.