About Me

I am Nehil Jain, a fourth year undergraduate pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering BITS-Pilani | KK Birla Goa Campus, but in reality I am doing something completely different. I am not so fond of circuitry and low level hardware. I am good at android development  and web designing/programming. I am a technology enthusiast and love to try new technologies to create solutions to different problems.I strongly believe that technology is solving a lot of world’s biggest problems. surely want to be a part of it.

I’ve been interested in computers ever since I got access to computers, in 2nd class I think… I got the taste of programming through Logo, then basic, then Java and then C++. I have been hooked ever since 🙂 But my interest in computers was not limited to programming. I have been getting well versed with different fields like Networks, Databases etc. I love all things INTERNET. It is a very very essential part of my life. If I dont have electricity or a home to live in, I dont care till I have a INTERNET connection to which I can get hooked onto.

I love coffee. The aroma and the taste is like ecstasy! I am still not sure if I am an coffee addict but some of my friends keep raising the issue again and again. I actually don’t care much. You can read about my coffee experience and other information that I have shared on my blog.I love to party and go out to new places as much as I can. May be thats the reason i got admission in Goa campus 😛 I like to capture the memories of my moments of my life and and store them in the Google’s Piacasa Web Albums (cloud) so that they can be accessed by me anytime and anywhere.

I love outdoor sports. I am, rather was, good at Lawn tennis but due to lack of infrastructure in campus, I couldnt improve. I am can play a decent game of Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton. I have played for my hostel in the interhostel matches for both of them. I feel that workout of some sort is absolutely  essential to continue in good shape and perform well. I also have love to fly kites and enjoy the festivals in our contdry to he fullest.


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