Lecture Slides for Preferences and Menus – [Android]

The lecture slides used for discussing prefferences and menus in my lecture.


4 thoughts on “Lecture Slides for Preferences and Menus – [Android]

  1. Hey!

    Good to see you putting up the slides, but not sure if this is the correct way/attribution for a course slide. A better way would be to have one course wiki, upload all slides there (with credit to everyone who’s associated to the course) and have one post about it here. I think this was discussed a while back, right?

    Anyway, keep up the enthu! 🙂

  2. Well I remember Bedekar sir sending a mail regarding it (And all current TA’s were cc’ed, apart from the last sem TA’s). As TA’s, we don’t exactly “own” the slides, it’s part of the course content, thus we always mentioned the Course & Google Group at the end of the slide template instead of our own name. The initial plan was to use these slides as Google Courseware (Hence none of use put up our slides online).

    While I appreciate your intent (to share some useful slides on Android), it’s not your slides (or mine, or any particular person’s). So instead, put them up on a course wiki, you can add yourself in the contributors if you wish. Link that to your blog, instead of linking presentations directly.


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