Campus Update – My first android App

This is my first app I made for the ANDROID Platform. It is a functional prototype of a Idea that we presented in our IMI founder’s journey. It is made by using App Inventor, Google’s tool for building android apps quickly. It was made by a team of three-Nehil  Jain, Jatin Puri, Shubham Atlani.

Campus Update

The Idea is to give a complete information of events/activities happening around in just one go to both; people staying in the campus and to the outside world. The focus to give a dynamic view of the current activities occurring in the ‘hot spots’ campus. The user will just have to open the Campus Update app to check if the laundry is open or not, or can know if his favorite ice-cream parlor is open.

But what if a new user in the campus wants to go to the bank but doesn’t know the route to the bank in thecampus. No Problem! By just clicking one button the app will show the user the route to his destination from his current location.

The Screenshots of the Block Editor and the Emulator

The Functioning:

1)      The numbers and other details of the Hot Spots of the campus will be pre-registered with the server. On any event, say the shop-keeper will send a SMS to a registered mobile number with its status. Say if the shop-keeper is opening his shop, then he will send a SMS as “Status : Opened”[not case sensitive].

2)      As soon as the server (in this case the android mobile) gets the status from the shop-keeper, the server shall process the message received, will check if the message sender is registered and when all the criteria are satisfied, will update the status of the database running on Google App engine where we have hosted our ‘Tiny Web Database’.

3)       Next time when any other client user opens the app, he will have the live update of the current status of the respective shop. The app will automatically check the database for any updates, and when so will update the results.

4)      On clicking at required Label, it will result in a new screen which shall contain the details of the chosen location. Like description of the shop or time, duration and details of a movie in the auditorium.

5)      Further if a user wants to go the location but doesn’t know the address, then on clicking the button “Get Route”, the app will guide him to the destination. Also the details about the chosen location will also be available. (More details in the Screen Shots).


1)      Custom Build App: A very important extension would be to create a web-interface where anyone can get create a custom build app according to their surroundings by filling up a form.

2)      To shift the server from an android phone to a Web based server.

App Inventor Components/Features used

1)      Texting: When a registered client say the laundry owner sends a message to the android server with its current status, the server shall process the message received, will check if the message sender is registered and when all the criteria are satisfied, will update the status of the database running on Google App engine.

2)      TinyWebDb: To maintain the database.


And others rows have the following format


The list of  locations in the campus are stored in one row as

3)      Location Sensor: To get the location from GPS. The current location of the user is determined by the GPS while the fixed locations of the hot spots is stored in the app. When the user clicks the get route button, google map is launched via activity starter and the route from the current location to the desired fixed location is obtained.

4)      Activity Starter: To launch Google maps with the URl such that the user gets the exact route depending on his location on the map. This activity is launched after clicking the “Get Route” button.

Other Basic Palettes.

To download the .apk file to test it, mail me your request.



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