Testimonial by Shashank

Shashank Kundurthi on 4/25/2011 7:04:37 AM wrote the following testimonial :

“ Its kinda sad that we’ve never come up with a sick/embarrassing nickname for Mr Nehil Jain. My first day in campus, sitting somewhr in the pathway b/w ah1 and ah2 , he was introduced to me by anurag and seemed pretty interesting . 20 minutes into the conversation he started laughing hysterically singing “bhajans” ..and I sat thr in the company of what seemed like 2 crazy ppl laughing (anurag nd nehil) away singing a song I heard for the first time , embarrassed as seniors walked by …but they dint really bother n walked past us…that was my introduction to campus life and the concept of taking “lite” …

I have no doubt in my mind when I say that this guy is one of the most chilled out guys I have evr met and with enthusiasm levels that match those of a 4 yr old kid who has the key and unrestricted access to an ice cream factory ,the amount of fun we’ve had in the last 3 years is just crazy … but the thing that stands out is the fact that even though he falls in the category of ‘lite’ taking ppl …he is by far the pro-est engineer I know in the true sense of the word ….and the balance b/w chilling out and utilising his time for productive things is something wich hez brilliant at..

The intensity that he has when he has his mind set at achieving something and the ease with which he reverts back to his chilled out avatar once hez done , thru and successful at the task is something which still amazes me 3 years into knowing him.

One thing wich I always love about his room is that most of the times it makes me feel at home …like it was my own and with his doors always open I cant thank him enough for the number of times I’ve used his room as base camp in exams .

And after 3 years I’m pretty confident when I say that 15 years from now he’ll be living life on his terms ..doing things he likes …and rock at it !
All the best buddy !

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