Testimonial by Kabir

Kabir Loganey on 4/24/2011 1:39:31 AM wrote the following testimonial :

“ Jain.nehil is one person who I’ve shared the maximum number of fun times with in the most varied of situations.
It all started with sports. I have a feeling his mother might have hung a tennis racket over his crib. As my Table Tennis coach, he taught me from scratch and showed immense amounts of patience. I mean, who can willingly keep playing day in day out with a guy who swings and misses the ball 3 out of 4 times? But he did, and any and all my smashes now are thanks to him. Our early morning lawn tennis sessions and a few mismatched badminton games (he made me run around like a crazed baboon) were also fun.
As everyone knows, Nehil is extremely skilled in coding and all things internet. But what everyone doesn’t know is the amount of hard work he puts in and the dedication he has shown in the last three years. The best part is that he loves his work! I enjoyed watching his excitement after he learnt something new or solved a new bug. It has been a pleasure watching him become the pro he is now.
Along came our 3rd year and the best sem (yet) of my BITS life. I finally got off my ass and joined a department in campus all thanks to him. It was incredible organising Paintball with Nehil during Waves. Let’s just say our team kicked ass! Then the ride to the carbon industry in a tempo during rain. Matlab aisa toh pehli baar kara yaar!
After being his friend for the last two years, I am in awe of his passion, his agile and logical mind, his eagerness to learn new things and go places where no one has gone before. He takes everything as a challenge and comes out on top 9 out of 10 times. I have been lucky to have a friend like him.
All the time spent with Nehil has been truly wonderful. Coffee at INS, frappe at Nescafe, the Frisbee walks around campus, the looong table tennis sessions, the masti in the hostel, the broom dancing with gada, the kite flying together (lapeeet!), our aoe games, trips to CCD and everything else has been just too good!
I wish that you receive all that you desire and I hope to see you working in Google one day.
Btw, your mamelukes have scared me for life.

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