Testimonial by Mayank

Mayank Singh on 4/21/2011 10:34:08 PM wrote the following testimonial :

“ My busy-bee sidey..thats how I’d like 2 introduce Nehil Jain aka Xcalibur aka ArchAngel…I still remm the 1st time when this guy with army-cut hair and a notorious face knocked on my door.asking for paracetamol because his friend had high fever..little did I know that it was the start of a ‘sweet-sour’ type and enjoyable friendship..
As per me, this guy has benefitted the most from his college life.he owns a start-up, has done GSOC thing, works for a company and has been in 2-3 dept.and if it wasn’t for some bad luck, he would have got CS as a dual too..(now he is stuck with EEE 😛 )
Hes a total workaholic, doesn’t like to sit idle at all.has a gud taste in music and is a pro in web designing and other technical stuff..he is also the most athletic in my group..
At times he can be all mean and cocky.but every1 has flaws.aur itna to li8 hi hai yaar.. 😉
He is always ready to go out and enjoy his life.he also has a very open mind when it comes to learning new things..
His room is usually a big mess.and almost constantly one can hear music coming out from his m/ speakers
You have always been a gud sidey mate.wish you all the very best for all your endeavors in life..tc

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