Some Coffee is what i want….

I am a Coffee lover.”Din raat Nescafe frappe peena meri hobby ban gayi hai!” Give me nothing but coffee to drink and I will happily survive!! Coffee is a glorious thing. I love hanging out at CCD- Café Coffee Day. You can learn to customize your drink to your taste. Amazing isn’t it? Let us share some info.

Hot Coffee Beverages

  1. Regular Coffee – There are often a variety of roasts available at coffeeshops, so ask the barista (the person making your coffee) what today’s roasts are. Dark roasts tend to be full-bodied and bold, however they do not necessarily have more caffeine. Light roasts are milder and are sometimes referred to as “breakfast blends.”
  2. Latte – Simply put, espresso with steamed milk and a small amount of foam. When ordering a latte, ask how many shots of espresso are in the size drink you want. You may need to order an extra shot if you enjoy a stronger espresso flavor.
  3. Cappuccino – This drink consists of espresso, part steamed milk, and part foam. A “wet” cappuccino contains more steamed milk for a creamier drink. A “dry” cappuccino contains more foam, which creates a more intense espresso flavor.
  4. Americano – This means espresso cut with hot water. The ratio of espresso to water varies greatly from coffeeshop to coffeeshop, so be sure to ask how much espresso is put into an establishment’s americano.
  5. Mocha – A typical mocha contains chocolate sauce. espresso, and steamed milk topped with a little foam. If a coffeeshop offers a caramel mocha or a white mocha, caramel sauce or white chocolate replaces the chocolate sauce.
  6. Macchiato – Either a single or double shot of espresso topped with a spoonful of milk foam.

 Cold Coffee Types

  1. Iced Coffee – Always ask how a coffeeshop makes their iced coffees. Some places simply put hot coffee over ice. Others will brew a pot of coffee and refrigerate it. Still others may use a cold brew method. Some places include milk or cream in their iced coffees, so if you are lactose intolerant, be sure to specify to make your drink with either a soy substitute or water.
  2. Frozen Cappuccinos or Frappes – Either espresso or coffee blended with milk and flavored syrups. If you are watching your sugar intake, beware of coffee granita machines. If a coffeeshop makes their frappes to order, see if they have sugar free options available.
  3. Iced Cappuccino/ Latte/ Mocha – They should be the same as their hot counterparts except that the steamed milk is replaced by cold milk and the drink is poured over ice cubes.

Whether you already have a regular drink, or you like being an adventurous coffee consumer; it’s always a good idea to ask the barista questions when you order at a new coffeeshop. They should be more than willing to help you get the drink you want. Happy coffee ordering! I hope after reading this you will use the info in getting better coffee as a drink.

I was intrigued by Latte art, sometime in future we will discuss the same again.


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