Tests!! When vultures start circling…

“Shubham Atlani: Optimizing a problem in which objective function is to minimize study hrs & the constraint is to get greater than or equal to average. The best part is that ‘marks obtained’ is a restricted variable.”
Aryan  Singh: “This too shall pass but hopefully I won’t pass out before that.”

This post is all about how the environment or you can say the bits eco system changes  as the examinations approach. This post is all about my observations in the past two weeks. If you are a college student you might understand what exactly I am talking about, and even if you are not you may enjoy reading it because it will remind you of your good old days or the days to come!!

Pre-Tests ……………

Some things that occur and become the indicator of the fact that tests are approaching. The “LIB”. Our library is flooded with people, there are Laptops and books and students all over the place. This time, this semester, the  rush was so much that the administration opened a the 2nd floor for students to study. This is new!!.   The SAC (student activity centre) suddenly goes empty. The students start dropping out of class and study in their rooms.

The various eating joints except our mess are always busy. The demand of coffee rises as if coffee was some mantra that could get you marks for free. “Akhein lal hai, but itna bacha hai ki coffee pee pee kae khol lenge”. The night canteen guy is happy enough not to sleep because this is the fortune Period with highest demand.

There are RADIOS that start on the lan(Local Area Network). It’s for those who love music with studies. So some guy, probably, who has nothing to do starts up a radio and caters to them. And then there is always  the option of playing Counter-Strike on lan. ‘Khud ka GG (bitsian lingo for pathetic state of affairs) huawa hai toh virtually GG(God like Gaming) karke shaanti milti hai’. ). Many new TV series are started during these period as they act as stress busters. Some of the common being – “FRIENDS”, “HOW I MET YOUR BROTHER’, ‘BIG BANG THEORY’,’LOST’ etc.Motivational thoughts and Success quotes start flowing into the rooms. The one that stands out is the time table in the many stick-ons.

Tests Going on…………………!! 😦 😥 😀
During the tests the scene is different. Gtalk status messages tell you a lot about the state of mind of a average Bitsian.

Pranav: “4-vector of T1 –> (GG ,GG ,GG ,icGG) 😦  “
Kabir : “Mane ya na mane”, (mane is the name of one of his professors
Chirag: T1 = Torture 1 T2 = Torture 2 COMPRE ® = Complete Oppression of Mental Peace & Residual Euphoria ™
Aryan Singh: “EDICK is the pain in the ass”……..ROF
Anurag Singh: Not @ Desk || Day 2 — 2/7 KAT GAYA!!! || Biju _/\_ || OBviously the TOC[theory of Computation](talk) of the day is “Hamne CS kyun li!!”
Anurag singh: Day 3 — 6/7….. || A Little Peace in times of Turmoil!!
DHRUV: song for microelectronix: mann bechara bin samjha ke “mane” na….main pagla gya hun…samajhne se bhi samjhe na….
Shreyas: the bits paper setting system;if it is easy it has to be lengthy else it has to has to be too tough.

As soon as the test gets over, the discussion start, “Yaar average kya hogi?”, “Yaar mera to !@#$ ho gaya, teacher !@#$% hai, book kae peeche kae questions directly de diye?”, “Tune toh phod Diya hoga!!”The DC(a  common software on lan) experiences deluge with these discussions.

The famous lines are

  2. ”Bahut padh raha hai yaar”
  3. ”Li8 le, Test 2 and compre hai na”
  4. “Kitna Ho Gaya

Now I don’t understand the fact that isn’t it me myself who wrote the test and would know ki how well I have done. Every other person exclaims the above line again and again. There are times when one of the guys is watching a movie and from outside the door comes a taunt, “Bahut Padh raha hai yaar”.Kitna ho gaya is the lamest question I have ever heard of. How does ‘mera kitna hua, affect you’.

At the end , i would like to thank my friends who help me in writing this post and letting me use there Status messages. Do leave comments if you like it or not or you would like to share your expirience with us.


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