Encounter with the Monkeys-2

The second- It was me walking to submit an application to our instructor, who was living in the Guest House of THDC. I intended to use the stairs , an integral part of my  path.  I didn’t notice that there was a mother monkey sitting on the raised platform at the entrance of those stairs. As I was approaching  the stairs , in the blink of an eye, I was surrounded by  monkeys I couldn’t even count.  The mother had produced some strange kind of a sound which had created the whole scene. Just like a bollywood movie scene where the hero is encircled by a group of villans(the bad guys), the monkeys surrounded me and were slowly coming toward me from all directions. They were angry and made faces to scare me out. They did arrgghhh with all there teeth on display.Although the discription is comic, I was really frightened and my mind had literally stopped responding. Suddenly a ferocious monkey came running from the ceiling of the house and pounced on me from the back, scratching my head. I shouted , reflex action in this case. An uncle came out of his house and threw a few stones at them  but they still didn’t leave me. At last I took up a big stone and scared the hell out of them, which made them run away. I took another path, a really longer one to reach my destination. That day I understood how it feels when you are attacked by and animal and how it feels when your life is in real danger…!!  Lesson Learnt:- “Never  go closer to a mother monkey when she is with her small baby monkey, because she feels insecure towards her child  and reacts for its protection..!!”


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