Encounter with Monkeys- I

I told you earlier that I have been living in Bhagirathi Puram, 11 km from Tehri, down the hill. Here, I am sharing my living space with monkeys. This area is dominated by monkeys; I mean they are the ones in majority here. I wake up and find that when I am having my breakfast, a monkey is peeping from outside the window pane, and tries to embark its presence. Constantly under the vigilance of a group of monkeys, my cook makes breakfast and dinner for us. Everyone in this area fears to roam around freely with any kind of food article in hand because they know they are going to be attacked by monkeys sometime or the other.  Such is the situation. Let me tell you about  major encounters I have had with these creatures whom we have evolved from.

The first one wasn’t so interesting. It was me and Himanshu, my internship mate , living with me. We were coming home, in BhagirathiPuram(Tehri), from the market. We had gone to buy ration for the our stay of 56 days. Himanshu had a polybag of 3 kg daal and I had some vegetables. We were new to the place. We were casually coming back, all the things in our hands exposed!! Talking to each other and had no fear of anything at all; a very normal scenario, but………. When we were almost at the doorsteps of our house. I saw a healthy, big and angry group of monkeys running towards us with a look; I am gonna eat  bastard!  We ran with all the energy left, after climbing 1 km from the market.  Phew…!! It was close but we reached inside safely without any loss of property and life 😛 . Then we realized it was an attack on the food that we were carrying. Lesson learnt: “ Always hide any kind of food item which you are carrying and don’t look at the monkeys into the eye with suspicion!!”………………………….. to be continued in the next blog.


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