Flex vs Flash

What is Flex?

Flex is the way to make rich Internet applications (RIAs). It’s a framework for creating RIAs based on Flash Player. Flex is also a new language, its core being, MXML. MXML- markup language based on XML.

Difference between Flex and Flash?

Flex is flash itself.

Flex applications, just like other Flash content, are deployed as .swf files (usually pronounced “swiff”). SWF files are very compact files that Flash Player reads and renders onscreen, often in a browser. This means you can create full-fledged applications that are small enough to download very quickly and that will (with few exceptions) look and act the same on any computer or operating system. I  feel that Flash requires artistic skills where as flex need some programming skills too.

Flash Platform…

It’s the development platform based on Flash Player. Flash Player is a small plugin in your web Browser that runs .swf files. This is the main reason behind today’s rich internet experience and flashy desktop applications running on Adobe AIR. Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is the solution for bringing Flash and other web-based content to the desktop.


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