Surkunda Devi-Dhanaulti Trip !!

Surkunda Devi

It was an awesome morning and i was all set to go on a trip to Surkunda Devi and Dhanaulti with my parents and my Bholu ChaCha. Bholu Chacha is one of the funny, dynamic and cheerful person I love to hang out with. This plan was planned by me, as it would have been another useless and boring weekend otherwise. The plan turned out to be quite fruitful, and rather I must I never expected so much of fun….!! It took is around 2 hrs to reach Dhanaulti from Dehradun. We unexpectedly found the place loaded with visitors, so Dad decided to book the rooms in advanced, as we we were to go to SurkunDa Devi prior to Dhanaulti. So we booked one for a very reasonable tariff rates.

We headed for Surkunda Devi knowing that Chacha would we waiting for us there as he would have reached before us from Srinagar (uttrakhand). It was a 15 mins drive from Dhanaulti to Surkunda devi. The landscape was beautiful. We inquired and came to know that the Trek was about 1.7 kms.

There’s the Destination- Mandir!!

We started the journey up the hill and we created some memories. As soon as someone in our group said that they were tired we could find a old couple going on and on with full enthusiasm with gave us a boost too. In the way, u had an option to go on foot or could take a horse ride! But all of s decided not to get on horse coz that would simply kill the feel of it! The bad part of the track was tat there was horse shit lying all along which was quite annoying. I tried some risky shortcuts, even though my dad was not in favor me doing such “stupid acts”. We reached the top of the mountain and found a small , very old architecture with ‘ chunnis’ tied and ‘dhoop battis’ fuming all over. We visited all the small mandirs- Surkunda devi, Humanji, Bharav Nath ji etc. Some pics from the top…..

The Landscape

The Mountains around

It hardly took us some time to descend. We had some refreshments and drove back.


Dhanaulti was like HEAVEN. I was lucky tat we went to Dhanaulti on a day when the clouds had descended right into the heart of the mountains. We rested and went to the ‘ECO PARK DHARA’ . there were two of such kind; DHARA and AMBAR. It had been cleverly made.

The view from Hotel window!!!

Eco Park- Dhara……….!!

It was all covered with fog, Cold breeze was flowing. We had ordered magi and mixed ‘pakoras’ which were to be delivered to the top. We all found a wonderful place to sit and suddenly, I don’t know from where, but out of nowhere, each one of us wanted his ir her Photograph clicked in such variety of poses which I didn’t imagine. My dad suddenly turned into a ‘AAmir Khan of FANAA’, mom into the old movie heroin, sis into a model and me myself could be pictured as a dude!!!

Dad ka NAYA roop !! :P
Dad ka NAYA roop !! 😛

Waah kya baat hai
Waah kya baat hai

Heroin lag rahi hai
Heroin lag rahi ha

We had a lot of fun. The place was so full of life but yet so peaceful. An idea struck into my mind, “How about going into the ‘Alpha level’!! I mean why not meditate?” I tried and it worked out quite well. The reason was the ambience and the simple fact that my mind was free of all thoughts at that moment. I loved it. I was refreshed and my ready to some more fun. We had the magi which was not as good but the hot pakoras tasted superb!

While descending something caught my attention, it was a beautiful which said

“WE do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

WE borrow it from our Children “.

We went back and found that there was shortage of water and no electricity in the hotel . We some how managed. Dad had planned to have a beer with chachu, I dono wat made me do so but I asked him ,” I also want to Taste some, can I come?” . To my surprise he agreed and we went to the GMVN guest house. They had only one brand ‘Havards 5000’. I had a mug of beer and peanut chaat! Some boiled eggs were like icing on the treat. It was another unique experience, as I was having my first bear that too with my dad……………….!!While we were enjoying the beer, it raining outside. There was no electricity in the town and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees. All this added to the fun.

We returned to the hotel to find that the rooms were light with cfl tubes on inverter. A Hotel on INVERTER, wow, that again new. 😀 We had dinner in the hotel which was awesome. We all slept and this ended the beautiful day…………………………………….


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